Saturday, December 17, 2011

Support System

One thing I have been EXTREMELY blessed with is an amazing support system. My personal support system is made up of family and friends, as most are. I am not the kind of mom who schedules play dates every week and hosts "Mommy and Me" meetings at my house. I am a working-full-time-mom who is lucky to get home in time to make a home-cooked meal for everyone to inhale as fast as they can before Karate or other activities start. Don't get me wrong, I make time for my family. We set aside certain days and nights for strictly family activities, and we get together with my parents often. I'm just not super social outside my family and church. So, I was worried that I would get caught up in doing things like laundry, dishes, getting kids ready, dropping kids off, and basically "being a mom" once I got the okay to leave the hospital because no one else would be there to do it. I needn't have worried. Once people heard what was going on, both family and friends, they dove in head first to help. In fact, the hardest part has been LETTING them help. I want to scream from the roof-tops "I AM MY KIDS' MOM!!" and "MY HOUSE NORMALLY DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THIS!!" (even though we all know that last one is a lie...). It is difficult to watch someone clean out my fridge or load my dishwasher when, in my head, I am perfectly capable of handling such tasks. I am constantly being reminded by friends, family, my husband, and even my children, that "NO YOU AREN'T! Annie isn't ready, yet, and so you sit your butt back down!"
Often I get started on throwing myself a little pity party about how this couldn't have happened at a worse time. 2 weeks before Christmas, and I can't do squat. No shopping, no cleaning, no decorating, no cooking or baking (stab to my heart!), and then I remember something: the true reason for this season, the celebration of God's greatest Gift to mankind. Every single person who has helped me out during this time has shown the purest love of all, which is what we are all asked to do not only during this time of year, but always. I have been taught that when you help others, you are helping Christ. And also that by helping others, you are becoming like Christ. When I think of it that way, I realize how amazing our Savior is, and what a huge support He has been to me through this time. God has sent angels in the forms of friends and family to help me keep sane this Christmas season. I know I can't rely on them 100%. I am my kids' mom, my husband's wife, and ME, but it is okay to let someone else bring in dinner, fold the laundry, sweep the floor, and sit and talk with me about ideas to help me pass the time that don't involve the television. My main priority and goal right now is to make it to 37 weeks before having this baby. She may come earlier, but not because I've over-extended myself. I don't have that excuse anymore....

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