Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Stuff!!

My online shopping spree is arriving!! I am SOOO excited!! Dan and I have been talking about how this baby might just be our last, seeing as each of my pregnancies have gotten progressively worse. So, I have decided to throw "gender neutral" stuff out the door. Dan is just going to have to deal with pushing around a Pink Cinderella stroller:
I LOVE this stroller. I know that it is white with light pink, but I plan to Scotch Guard the ever-living-crap out of it. For those of you who have known me for at least 5 seconds, you know that I am a Disney fanatic. People have stopped playing Disney Trivia with me because there is no point. They can't win. Karah is no different. She shares my Disney enthusiasm and at times exceeds it. So, imagine my excitement when I found the "Disney Princess Royal Ride" travel system. I knew that Karah and I would LOVE going places with Annie and her "Royal Ride". It came TODAY. Karah saw the huge box and couldn't wait for Dan to get home to open it. I'll admit, neither could I. I sat down on the floor and pried the box open. Karah dragged out the pieces. I was thinking in my head, "Oh, she is going to be ecstatic when she sees Cinderella on it!!" and I was so proud of her for wanting to help assemble it. Until she left the pieces on the floor and dove into her new "fort", that is. Oh well. She occasionally emerged from her castle and "Ooohed" and "Aaaahed" appropriately. Once it started resembling a stroller she ran and got a baby-doll to "test it out" to make sure that Annie would be safe and cute in it. It passed. It is much cuter than I thought it would be, to he honest. I can't wait to put Annie in it!!

I took pity on Dan when I was looking for a diaper bag. Well, not really. It is just that the diaper bag that surpasses all diaper bags (in my own personal opinion, of course) didn't come in any girlie colors. I had the choice of plain black or black and this weird looking green. Other than the lack of pink in it's color pallet, this diaper bag is AWESOME. We found it (brand new) with all but one of the accessories on Ebay for pretty cheap. This thing ROCKS. I watched the video for this diaper bag, and I kid you not, a pillar of light from Heaven above was shining down on my computer and I heard angels singing. I'm one of those women who uses her diaper bag as her purse. (Let's be honest, is there any SANE woman out there who doesn't??) I have always hated carrying diaper bags because they give you this huge pocket for everything and that is it. I am constantly losing my keys, wallet, make-up, and such in the chaos of lotion, wipes, toys, diapers, snacks, pacifiers, burp cloths, bottles, etc. I have to dig and dig and dig to find anything (which is not always possible without finally screaming in rage and dumping the entire thing out at the check out counter to find my flipping wallet...). This diaper bag not only has lots of pockets connected to it, but it has separate accessories that you can keep bottles, cell phones, wallet, snacks, and such in that clip onto the bag (outside AND inside!!). We are talking Ultimate Organization here. It is called the Clic-It. Mine came yesterday. I've already packed my make-up bag, wallet pouch, and put their little key chain thingy on my keys. I have to send the big bag part back, though, because there was a huge tear in it. Sad day, but they said I should have my new-not-torn one by the end of next week, so I'm not going to fret (yet). Here is what it looks like:

Kinda manly, I know, but then I imagine slipping my hand in the bag and immediately finding my keys clipped to the side and I'm over it. I AM currently open to suggestions, however, on how to girl-ify it. :)

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