Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waiting Game

No, I am not going to have a little breakdown on how emotionally drained I am. I am PHYSICALLY spent, lol. I have been having painful contractions since Sunday, and Annie has officially "dropped", making a LOT of pressure and pain when I try to get up. Two things I am doing my best to avoid. I will admit that over the weekend I may have over-done it. I think I've hit my "nesting" stage. I thought I was restless a few weeks ago, but it was nothing compared to THIS. Dan has gotten mad at me several times because he'll catch me wiping down the counters and mirrors while I'm "washing my hands" or putting toys/clothes away "on my way back to the bathroom/couch". He keeps reminding me that I've always been a terrible liar and to sit my butt back down. Grouch.

Anyway, all of that led up to Sunday, when the REAL pain started. These are hard-core-where-is-my-epidural contractions. I was afraid we'd have to go back to the hospital. I didn't want to. We were in the middle of watching Hook as a family. All of us were quiet, comfortable (with the exception of my contractions) and just plain enjoying each others' company (which is saying something, because I thought my kids were going to kill each other earlier that day). I didn't want to disrupt that with ANOTHER trip to the hospital. So, I when I noticed the contractions getting closer together, I decided to stop announcing them. I know, I know!! The point of contractions getting closer is to signal that it is getting closer to the baby coming! I get it! But the movie was almost over and I wanted to have that time with my family before all heck broke loose. I forgot that my children are little Tattle-Tales. Jay was snuggled up to me and could feel me tense up when a contraction hit. "Dad! Mommy's having another attraction!!" Thanks, Son. Dan suggested I call my mom to see if she'd be able to watch the kids if the "attractions" got any closer. I called her during a snack break, and she was already planning on coming over. Apparently the Superbowl was also on Sunday. Dan and I figured that would be perfect. We would finish the movie, let Mom watch the rest of the game, and we would go to the hospital if it got to that point. Thankfully, after Mom got here the contractions started slowing down. She decided to stay the night just in case they picked back up. They've been off and on since then. My stomach and back muscles are killing me. My contractions aren't consistently close enough to warrant a trip to the hospital yet, but they are DEFINITELY painful enough to be a pain in the butt. Har har. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Part of me wants to wait until tomorrow. But the little kid in me wants this pain. to. stop. NOW. I'm practically immobile right now. Even if I wanted to, I can't straighten up "on my way back to the couch" without bursting into tears. I've talked to the nurse, and she's advised me to just wait until the contractions are 5-6 minutes apart for an hour straight. They are about 10-15 minutes apart consistently for the last 2 days. UGH!! This type of waiting SUCKS!!! I just keep chanting "tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning" in my head. I get my last injection, I get taken off my meds on Sunday, and after tomorrow he won't stop me. I just have to make it to tomorrow morning....

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