Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flu- Round 2

Who got to spend all Monday night puking and ended up in the hospital for IV fluids Tuesday morning? THIS GAL!! I love how my kids love to share EVERYTHING, including their flu-germs. I am FINALLY starting to feel better, but my little Karah-Bear is starting to feel yucky. Hopefully she doesn't get it as bad as Jay and I did. Part of me wants to rip my hair out and scream to the Heavens: "WHAT HAVE I DONE TO PISS YOU OFF??", but then this pops in my head: "At least we are getting over this before Annie gets here". Of course, it WOULD be nice to avoid this little flu all together, but since that apparently wasn't possible, I am really glad we are getting it out of our way.

Yesterday WAS interesting, though. I had planned on surprising Jay at school for lunch and about a gazillion other things for Valentine's Day. I was not planning on being hooked up to IVs and junk for most of my day. Whatever they gave me knocked me out, so I was pretty much comatose when I got home. Karah had spent the morning charming people at my mom's work while I was in the hospital, and she came home around lunch time. No problem. She typically turns on a show and lays on the couch when it is nap time. Occasionally she falls asleep, but not always. I expected that she would watch a show and possibly take a nap while I took a nap. I did not expect her to decide to "help" me because I was sick. First, she knew it was Valentine's Day, so she wanted to look extra special for Daddy. With my make up. My bathroom looked like a powder-bomb had gone off. So, she decided to clean it up. Strawberry toothpaste oughta do it, right? You know, clean mirrors and counter tops?? She abandoned the bathroom before it got any worse and moved to the kitchen (Thank GOODNESS). She saw that our powdered sugar container was getting low, and remembered that I had bought a new bag to put in there. Take a 4 year old, add a full bag of powdered sugar, and just imagine what my kitchen looked like. If you think it looked like that "snow" scene from Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you guessed right. Moving right along. Since the powdered sugar was giving her trouble, she decided to move on to a smaller task: refilling the cinnamon shaker. She said she actually did that one without a mess...until the GLASS shaker slipped out of her hands when she was putting it shattered all over the floor. *sigh* So now we have powdered sugar, glass, and cinnamon all over my kitchen, along with a whole thing of make up powder and strawberry toothpaste all over my bathroom. I woke up to an extremely upset little girl. She felt SO BAD for all of the messes she made because she was honestly trying to make my life a little better. She knew I was sick and not feeling well, and wanted to help. We came up with some Karah-Safe jobs she could do to help me out and then set to work on cleaning up the messes. After Jay got home, I did need to call in a life line to my husband to bring me some Dr Pepper...the child was in a MOOD!! Totally not like him, but I think he was just exhausted from being sick this weekend. He went to bed early, no arguments. All in all, despite the disasters (and there were a few more after I woke up) we had a pretty good day.

I've been having contractions pretty steadily now for the last week. Like, anywhere from 4-6 minutes apart regularly. And when one hits it makes me gasp a bit. The kids think it is hilarious. "I mean it! Clean your *gasp* room please!" (with the last part in soprano...) Yeah. Real intimidating. The problem with these contractions is that THEY AREN'T DOING ANYTHING. They are annoying as crap and my muscles are hurting like crazy, but I haven't dilated enough for the doc get this kid out of me. He said he wasn't going to stop me if I actually went into labor, but he said he wasn't going to do anything to speed things up right now, either. Gee, thanks, Dude. It is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because he is letting our family get over this flu-crap before Annie gets here, and curse because I am experiencing all of the pains of labor without receiving any "fruits" from it. Dan says we aren't going back to the hospital until my water breaks, and I agree with him. We've gone in a total of SIX times this pregnancy only to have my labor stopped or slowed each time. It is annoying. And expensive. And annoying. (Yes, I am aware I said "annoying" twice, and I will say it again. Because IT IS.) I have a doctor's appointment today, and hopefully there has been SOME change since yesterday. At least enough for him to stop giving me a patronizing look and DO something. I really like this doctor, but I'm at that point where I'm pissed that he's a man because he may have helped deliver thousands of babies, but he's NEVER carried or pushed one out. Therefore, he is starting to irk me every time he says "Just a little longer. You can do it! It is better this way, anyway." I honestly think he would feel a little different if someone was kicking him in the family jewels every 4-6 minutes and then telling him "The longer you endure this, the better off you'll both be!" *deep breath* Sounds like it is time for me to repeat "At least we are getting over the flu before Annie gets here" a few times...

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