Friday, February 10, 2012

A Family Tradition

Almost eight years ago, Dan and I met. We dated. We fell in love. He proposed to me and I said yes. We went to Build-a-Bear Workshop to celebrate and made each other bears. When Jayden was born, we got him one. When Karah was born, Jayden made her a bunny. She still carries that thing everywhere she goes and sleeps with it every night. We figured that since the doc eased up on my restrictions (and I actually took if fairly easy today) that we would keep up our tradition and let the kids make Annie one. There were about 30 different animals they could choose from. There were pink bears, sparkly bears, purple bears, brown bears, white bears, dogs, cats, penguins, chipmunks, and such. Jayden wanted the pink cat, where Karah wanted the white bear with rainbow polka-dots. Then Jayden wanted the Texas Longhorn (That's my boy!!) and Karah wanted the pink bear with hearts all over it. Jayden wanted the purple bear with peace signs, and Karah wanted the baby-pink bear. They were really sweet about it. They would present the reasons why they liked that particular animal for Annie and then talk about it. They would point out pros and cons of each one. There were NO fights (!!!). I was pretty sure we were going to end up with something obnoxiously girly. Not that I would really mind, but everything they'd picked out was either sparkly, pink, or purple with pink. They were going back and forth between the baby pink bear and the hot pink bear with a heart nose when Jayden said he wanted to do "one more walk-by". Karah went with him. They would stop every few feet to touch and make sure it was soft enough. They stopped in front of an orange cat. Karah picked it up and said "This one." Jayden felt it, and then nodded his head in agreement. It is the CUTEST little cat. They each did the little "heart ceremony" and got to help stuff the bear. They decided to name her "Kitty-Anne". We had SO much fun, and the kids got along great. These two kids are so excited and ready for their little sister to get here! Annie is one lucky little lady!

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